Implement a non-financial reporting system
Prepare a report in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative’s Sustainability Reporting Guidelines

  • Analyse the requirements for reaching three possible levels of compliance with the standard
  • Propose relevant measures 
  • Prepare a schedule  
  • Work out a concept for monitoring and reporting non-financial and context data
  • Create the reporting terms of reference matching the entity’s organisational structure
  • Train employees, build a team corresponding to the size of the company
  • Carry out the non-financial reporting
  • Provide accompanying studies, expert analyses and a sociological survey
  • Prepare the text of the report 

  • Ensure that the company is prepared for the audit of the report by the GRI organisation or by an audit firm
  • Provide expert support during the audit
  • Propose how to use and implement the auditors’ recommendations  

  • Provide consultation for choosing the graphic design
  • Provide consultation for interconnecting the report with other information tools used by the company
  • Provide consultation on how to make the report public and how to distribute it  

We will be ready to tailor the extent of the work according to your needs, your business focus, state of your internal reporting, your business context and the nature of your corporate publications.




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